We provide a transparent approach to financial fortitude by informing and educating clients of real-world issues and traps everyday consumers should avoid, liability and trade-line mistakes as well as the latest trends available that protect and grow your credit. For this reason, we push our clients to practice strategic obedience to restore their credit. Our mission at Slate 23 is to prepare you for a very accountable and individualistic future.


We are here to assist you with getting the things you want in life. Navigating the credit repair maze can be very challenging if you are not aware of all of the laws that regulate credit reporting. Our job is to take that heavy burden off of your shoulders and do the work for you so you can get approved again.


Our team consists of Board Certified Consultants specializing in Credit Restoration & Scoring. You will need experience in these areas to achieve the best results. We have the expertise to deal with any situation presented to us.


To get the best results, we go beyond the credit bureaus as they are just one piece of the puzzle. The laws allow you to dispute directly with the creditors and the collection agencies to get inaccurate information removed from your credit reports. Because of this, we provide direct disputes for no additional charge.


Want to cancel your service? No problem. Just email us and we will work with you to cancel your service.


We pride ourselves for having top of the line customer service. If you’re needing further assistance submit a contact form. Allow us 24 hours for a response.

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